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The In Between

An image of pines in the fresh white snow.

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year!

In a society that pushes us to be productive all the time, it sure feels weird to stop. 

A snow-week post Christmas really threw me off. Emotionally and physically. The go go go and then stay has completely unmotivated me for anything productive that relates to business. I've tried to go into the studio and work several times but just end up standing around or generally not being in the mood. 

You can't force creativity.

I hardly made a thing when we were in lockdown. There were plenty of artists on social media showing off all of their creative productivity but I just couldn't. I sorta feel that same way now with folks posting about feeling all rested and diving into the new year with enthusiasm. I'm still tired. My mind struggles to work as if it knows it's winter and I should hibernate.

It seems the only thing I'm feeling like doing is reading books, watching shows, playing games, cooking food, making puzzles, and taking naps. And coloring. Stuff that doesn't require thought or planning. Wintery restful things.

We are now having our second snow storm of the season, (already), and I'm once again stuck home feeling unmotivated. So I will rest until I feel inspired and have energy to create all the new things that are rolling around in my head. 

Worry not dear Daydreamers...there are lots of new pretty things coming later in the year. And there are still many things to be had on my website!


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Claudia McCarter

I can completely relate to your need to hibernate. I refer to myself as a bear in the winter as I slow down mentally, socially and physically. If I push myself before my body is ready I feel physically sick. I talked to my doctor yesterday about it and she said to trust my body, live in the moment and continue to rest.
My resting is like yours. Right now at 9am I am sitting in front of the gentle fire in the fireplace. I just finished a fabulous book, Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen.
As I glance through social media your newsletter just leapt out at me! A fellow bear! Enjoy your hibernation knowing that all your creativity is staying warm and alive inside of you. It knows just the right time to emerge. So…just…wait…for…it!

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