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A Solo ART SHOW!!!

A Solo ART SHOW!!!

Perhaps a better title would be: Careful what you wish/ask for, you just might get it!


This year has been different from others. I am betting on myself more. Pushing myself to hustle and get uncomfortable. To dare to dream and imagine things I didn't allow myself to believe in.

Two big ways this has paid off is that I applied for, and got, a small art grant that enabled me to keep my store open through the harshly slow winter/spring season here on the island. Yes, I almost closed. I am very grateful for the help as FERN has been my only income for four whole years. 

But the biggest, and most important, is going for, and getting, a solo art show at our fancy local gallery. I haven't been represented in a gallery since the late 90's and haven't had a solo show since my BFA show in art school. The idea never crossed my mind until recently. Too far out. Too big for my mind to grasp.

I had two friends on the island do solo shows at said gallery in the past and I was in awe of them. Their work looked amazing and I put them atop some seemingly unattainable artist pedestal for having seized the opportunity.

I spent decades comparing myself to other people, mostly artists, that were more successful than me and complaining about to myself and others but not doing anything to change it. I wasn't doing the work to get the shows.

So when the gallery got a new owner in January, I reached out to see if they wanted to have any jewelry for Valentine's Day. They did! One thing led to another and I told them, with heart racing, that it was my dream to one day have a painting in the gallery as well. They had me send over images of my work and offered me a solo show for all of my flower pieces! That is what I wanted all along but was too afraid to ask for!

And now IT IS HAPPENING! The show is hung and it opens today! I am beyond excited. Thrilled. Proud. All the feelings. It is such an amazing experience to see all of my best, most recent work displayed in a formal setting. 

I'm over playing small. I'm humbled by my ability to get out of my own way and am here to push you to do the same. Do the thing. Reach for the good stuff! 

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