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Beauty is a necessity. I believe that surrounding oneself with beautiful objects is something that should not be denied.

Especially natural beauty. My main source of inspiration has always been nature. With its unending shapes, patterns, and colors, it provides a lifetime of material for artistic creativity. It has always been easy for me to see the beauty in ordinary things. Even on suburban hikes. I meander, easily distracted to stop and take pictures, macro and micro, for use in future pieces. I collect seeds and pods, ferns and mosses, flowers and rocks. The tiny things making up the giant bigness of the whole.

The beauty is there and free to everyone. It heals and rejuvenates the mind, soul, and spirit.

The same natural palate, organic patterns, and simplistic designs repeat themselves over and over. In my work I strive for a balance of these things. Interesting color combinations, sometimes bold, often muted. The inherent beauty of the shapes and patterns found in nature. I want my pieces to bring a sense of joy and tranquility to the observer or wearer. I have a strong need to make pretty things and am lucky enough to do it from an incredibly beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in enameling from The Cleveland Institute of Art. I have worked in this medium for over 20 years and I continue to have passion for creating nature inspired pieces in shiny colored glass. I also like to paint and draw and sew and take pictures.