Flower Power!

I feel like a flower emerging from the earth after a long sleep. All the months of creative inactivity have resulted in a fun new project that has inspired me beyond anything I've felt in a long long time. 

My little shop was in need of a new window display and I was stumped for months on what it should be. And then one day it came to me out of the blue and I was so excited I couldn't wait to start on it! 

I spent hours and days doodling and coloring and cutting things out. It was fun. Like really fun. My close friends and family would tell you, I'm typically more serious than fun, so its kind of a big deal.

It felt like elementary school art class with its construction paper, markers, and colored pencils. I wasn't aiming for perfection. I knew I wouldn't sell it. So it freed me up to just play!

It's flowers and rainbows all rolled into one. So happy! It occurred to me that this was just the beginning of my next series of paintings and probably a jewelry collection, too!

It is my favorite window yet. I think I'll keep it up until fall! Stay tuned for more!

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